Distressed structure

One of our clients decided to construct their dream home in an exclusive neighborhood with a private airstrip. Because they wanted the home to perform better than other houses in the area, they elected to pay the extra expense for a pier and beam foundation system. However, the original engineer and original geotechnical engineer didn't fully understand the problems with expansive soils in this areas, and specified piers that were way too short. The house subsequently experienced serious foundation movement, and the Owner had to replace all the piers in the house.

After the work was complete, they weren't satisfied because they still had excessive vibration in the floor deck and damages to the architectural finishes that were unexplained. N-J accessed the crawl space beneath the residence to verify the actual framing. A design review was then performed on the floor framing to determine code compliance. Nelson Jones was able to determine which members were not in code compliance, and were unsafe. N-J developed a remediation plan to address the structural deficiencies.